Automatic reboot = automatic loss of data

So it turns out, if you have automatic update enabled in Windows 7, you will end up losing data if Windows decides that because you had to dash off to do something more important without saving everything, it is a good idea to reboot your computer for you.

I sometimes wonder if Microsoft is entirely staffed by idiots. In any normal company, anyone implementing such a brain dead auto reboot idea would be taken round the back and shot. But at Microsoft, losing customer’s data becomes part of the official policy.

Obviously, with any version of Windows getting frequent updates is important, because the OS is so full of security holes it is an easy target for hackers.

So now I have had to turn off automatic updates, in case Windows automatically dumps my work down the can, because I had to leave my computer to do a more important task (there is more to life than PCs you know…).

Great choice Microsoft, lose your work or risk being exposed to malware!.

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