How to ruin a great product

It seems that Canonical, the creators of Ubuntu, are taking a leaf out of Microsoft’s play book. Ubuntu was based on the excellent, robust Linux, but most importantly made easy to use. Microsoft also made Windows easy to use, but forgot to make it robust.

Now, I really don’t care about which UI is better, Windows, Mac, Gnome… they all have their fanatics. I have used Windows a lot, I have to use it at work, so I just want something with similar look and feel in Linux – and there was.

Microsoft like to ignore the users, and do what they think is best. So they like to rip up the UI and enforce something completely different. I am still getting used to Vista/Windows 7. At work, we still use XP. This attitude of Microsoft is frankly a pain in the butt, and I was happy to adopt Linux at home instead of following the Microsoft soup wagon.

Only now Canonical have pulled the same stunt. Frankly, Unity sucks. I don’t care if it is technically better than everything else. What I want is a computer I can use! So having weaned me off Windows, and I have gotten to find my way around Ubuntu, Canonical pull the rug and are now making me look for an alternative to Ubuntu.

At least Linux is open unlike Windows, so I am hoping someone will do the necessary work to restore “old” themes like Clearlooks to Ubuntu. Whoever that is, my thanks in advance!

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