Why experts don’t know shit

The recent, and frankly weird case of Gareth Williams, the MI6 spy who was found dead locked inside a holdall, presents a puzzle. How could anyone but an expert contortionist perform such a feat by himself? It seems obvious that a third party must have been involved, and given the covert nature of the guy’s work, it is easy to suspect all sorts of shady goings on.

Indeed, a series of experts at the inquest into his death asserted that such a feat of self imprisonment was virtually impossible, or actually impossible, although one at least suggested it was not impossible to rule out. I was surprised to hear there is an “expert in confined spaces”, but I guess every field has its expert.

But now a reporter has proved most of them wrong, by performing the “impossible” feat and locking herself into an identical holdall. Woman locks herself in holdall And she manages to maintain decorum throughout. It apparently is just a matter of the right technique, which the experts were not aware of.

Given that the unfortunate Mr Williams had at least once before engaged in apparent self-bondage, common sense would perhaps suggest that it was a repeat attempt gone tragically wrong. It really makes you wonder, these professed experts, are they at all worth listening to? I think a true expert would say “we just don’t know”.

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